FYI: The District is no longer using MyPaymentsPlus for lunch accounts. the new system is PaySchools Central. Please see below for registration information. And yes, your balance from MyPaymentsPlus should automatically roll over. 

Food Service Payments & Applications At PaySchools Central

The District is launching a new way for families to manage food services for their children. The new PaySchools Central online platform will allow families to deposit funds for their children’s meals at school. Applications for free and reduced lunch can also be submitted on PaySchools Central. To register for your PaySchools Central account, please click on the following link: You will need your child’s student identification number. The website can be displayed in English and Spanish. Any balances that remain on MyPaymentPlus will be carried over to PaySchools Central.


More information about PaySchools Central’s features is available on the following one-pager:


More comprehensive information about PaySchool Central is available at the following link:





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