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Tuscan School Traffic, Pedestrian Safety & Parking Practices


At Tuscan School the safety and well-being of our students and staff are our top priorities. The following drop off, pick up, and parking guidelines are designed to increase student safety at Tuscan School.


Important Traffic Safety for Drop Off and Pick Up - PLEASE READ (even if you think you already know)
Tuscan has always encouraged families to walk to school, however we do understand that there are situations where driving to school may be necessary. In those situations, safety for our children (and crossing guards!) is our number one concern. Please read through our Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures and study the map, even if you are a long time Tuscan Family. It seems that some families are not aware that Tuscan has a safe, designated vehicle drop off location. It's located just beyond the staff/teacher parking lot. Please see attached map. Signs will be posted this month.
  • Tuscan Families are encouraged to walk from home OR park on the side streets and walk up to the school. 
  • There is always plenty of parking on GirardProspectBowdoin, and Yale
  • There is no parking on Harvard between Valley and Prospect during Drop Off / Pick Up times. Please observe the posted signs. 
  • The vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Zone is ONLY for Grades 3-5. Families with K-2 children MUST walk children to the blacktop.
  • The vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Zone is just beyond the teacher parking lot. Please note the GREEN Zone on the attached map.
  • Please do not idle in the vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Zone, even during inclement weather.  
  • Harvard Avenue is a ONE WAY traffic flow during Drop Off / Pick Up. You MUST continue to Valley St if you are utilizing the vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Zone. K-Turns and U-turns are NOT allowed during these times. 
  • Tuscan Rd is NOT a vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Zone. Osborne Terrace is NOT a vehicle Drop Off / Pick Up Zone. 
  • Please follow the directions of the Crossing Guards and DO NOT block any Crosswalks with your vehicles. 
  • The barriers are in place for everyone's safety. Please DO NOT move, block, or drive around the barriers
Additional information can be found below:



We strongly recommend that you walk your child to and from school.

  • If feasible and as often as possible, please walk to Tuscan School or park a few blocks away from the school.
  • Plan a safe walking route to cross intersections under the direction of a Crossing Guard.
  • Crossing Guards are on duty at the following corners: Harvard and Osborne, Harvard and Prospect, Prospect and Tuscan, and Tuscan and Valley.
  • If your 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader walks to Tuscan without adult supervision, please discuss the safest route to Tuscan.


Tuscan Road The Bridge

  • Children should not cross Tuscan Road unsupervised.
  • The staff parking lot is the only pathway to/from the Bridge on Tuscan Road to the front of the school.

If you drive, please take a route that allows you to follow the established school arrival/dismissal traffic pattern around Tuscan School and will remain in effect on school days as follows:


8:00 am to 9:00 am

12:30 pm to 1:30 pm on 4 hour days when applicable

2:45 pm to 3:45 pm


  • Harvard Avenue will be blocked off with barricades at Valley Street preventing east bound traffic (uphill) on Harvard Ave
  • Osborne Terrace will be blocked off with barricades at Girard Place preventing north bound traffic towards Harvard Ave
  • All children should exit vehicles onto a sidewalk, never into the street. Allowing children to exit vehicles into traffic to cross the street, especially between stopped or parked cars is illegal and extremely unsafe.
  • There is No Parking permitted in the designated fire zone in front of Tuscan School only charter buses, police, fire, or school district vehicles are permitted to stop directly in front of the school.
  • There is No Parking in the space directly in front of the bridge. Please do not park or idle in this area to ensure access to the sidewalk ramp.



The Drop Off Zone is designated for students in Grades 3 – 5 only.


Students in Grades K- 2 must not be dropped off at the Drop Off Zone. K-2 students must be escorted directly to their teacher at the designated morning line up location or to the front door of Tuscan upon tardy arrival.


  • Please arrive to the Drop Off Zone with your 3rd – 5th Grader ready to exit the car.
  • Children must never exit vehicles into the street.
  • In order for traffic to flow quickly and efficiently, drivers should not park in the Drop Off Zone or exit vehicles.



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