TUSCAN YEARBOOK 2023 - 2024 

Capture your memories in this year's yearbook!


Treering Information

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School Code: 1014732707163566

**If you have an account already, please do not make a duplicate.


K-4 families

If you order a yearbook before 10/31, you'll get a small discount! Each order comes with 2 free customizable pages -- you can order now, and submit these by May. We'll remind you!


5th Grade families 

The PTA gives all 5th graders a FREE softcover yearbook with 2 customizable pages.

Softcover Info 5th grade families do not need to do anything to receive the free softcover yearbook. However, if you want to customize the free pages or buy additional custom pages you will need to log in to your Treering account to do so.

*Yearbooks have been purchased and assigned to each 5th grader, therefore will show as PURCHASED on your Treering account. If you have a problem with the website, please contact tuscanyearbook@gmail.com.

Hardcover Info If you want a hardcover yearbook, you need to buy it in full. Unfortunately, there is no option to simply pay the difference to upgrade from the free softcover to the hardcover. There is a 10% discount through 10/31.



Collecting Photos

Do you have photos from Tuscan that you can share for the yearbook? We need as many photos as we can get to fill the yearbook with memories!


Throughout the year we will collect photos from Tuscan events, eg:

First Day photos
Ice Cream Social
Farmers Market
Harvest Festival
Book Fair
Tuscan Show
Art Show


Two ways to submit: email tuscanyearbook@gmail.com or upload to Tuscan Yearbook Photo Submissions

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